About Us

Since 1983 the Ottawa Nepean Canadians Sports Club (ONCSC) has been assisting youth sports groups and individuals in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. The groups and individuals we have assisted range from our flagship youth baseball program to figure skating to cub scouts to amateur football to minor hockey and baseball. We invite requests from all youth sports groups in need of financial assistance and assure you each application is carefully reviewed and assessed. Naturally, we cannot meet the demands of everyone but we try our best to reach out into the community and help where a need is identified. Our guidelines for considering sponsorship are:

  • Money must be paid to an amateur sports organization
  • Member of the ONCSC or affiliated with a member
  • Non-members to commit to support the ONCSC through participation in fundraising events (ex. Christmas turkey ticket sales) in order to raise money for future sponsorships

The ONCSC Board of Directors meets monthly and reviews all sponsorship requests, so please take the time to fill out our on-line application. Someone from our sponsorship group will get back to you in a timely fashion.

Click here to download the sponsorship form